7 tips to prepare your entrance for a sale

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and this is even more important when you are selling. By spending a few hours improving the entrance you can create the right energy the moment buyers see your home for the first time – after all you want them to imagine themselves walking through your front door everyday, you want them to be passionate about your property.

Neat clean and cared for
The first thing to do is to make sure that everything looks clean and well cared for, so make sure roofing, gutters, windows, balustrades, driveways, footpaths, walls and garden areas are clean and in good repair and free of dirt and things like spider webs.
If you have a front gate it will be the first thing that people come into contact with so it needs to be clean, in good condition and quiet.
If possible keep the garbage bins out of sight and clear out your letter box each day and ensure no flyers or newspapers are left lying around.
Place a door mat outside your front door as this shows you care about keeping your property clean.

Enhance the doorway
If you have sufficient space, place a range of matching terracotta pots with plants against the wall near your entrance. For the average sized doorway use the pots up to a metre high. If your home is an older style, aged classic cone shaped pots with a rolled rim containing colourful flowers, like geraniums, will give a traditional welcome feeling. For more modern homes tall angular pots that taper downwards are very popular – add architectural plants like succulents for a dramatic effect.

Add some pots
Try and keep everything symmetrical. If you are using pots and plants to add interest, put one either side of the entrance or you might like to hang two matching lanterns for a warm glow. The trick is to keep it simple and not clutter the space.

Make the most of available light
Often hallways are narrow and dark. If your house suffers from this problem, try painting the walls white to lighten things up, or add a sky light. A broad runner will make a hallway seem wider.

Spruce up the front door
Your front door is the first thing your buyers see, so if it needs a lick of paint get out the brushes! You might also consider a new handle or knocker – this is an inexpensive way to update your door.

Pave the path to the front door
Guide buyers to your door with a paved pathway. Plain white pavers look terrific against a green lawn. If the steps to your front door look at a little shabby a great trick is to the tile the step rises, rather than ripping everything out and starting from scratch.

Maintain your privacy
In many areas, especially the inner city, security and privacy are selling points, so low to medium wall at the front of your house can appeal to buyers. Don’t forget to check with your local council to ensure all building regulations are met.

When to contact your property manager

A Property Investment Manager forms a vital link between you and your landlord and can be a great source of information throughout your tenancy.

For new and even existing tenants, there can sometimes be confusion surrounding the correct action to take if something at the property requires attention. As a general rule, you should always call on your Property Investment Manager whenever an issue arises as they will be able to assist you with the right course of action to take. Sell your house fast in Hialeah.

The following are some of the most common situations in which a Property Investment Manager should be called in on:

To alter or add to the premises

Surprising your landlord with a new coat of paint in a bedroom may seem well-intentioned. However, you should never change the appearance of a property without the permission of the owner. Even adding hooks for picture frames need permission. Unapproved changes could very well impact the future plans the landlord has for their investment. While you should always feel at home in your rental, make sure you gain permission for any changes from your property manager before undertaking any alterations or additions.

Maintenance / repairs

If you would like to request maintenance or repairs to certain areas of the property, notify your property manager who will assess the situation.

Rent issues

You have a commitment to meet your rental payments on time. If you have trouble meeting your rental repayments, you should discuss your situation with your property manager. If you experience a rent increase, you can also discuss this with your property manager.

End the lease

When you sign a lease, you secure that property – subject to meeting your tenant requirements outlined in the lease agreement – for the life of the lease period. But life can take us to new places and new situations, so there may be instances where you seek to end a lease to embark on the next chapter of life. But just as a rental agreement secures the property for you, it’s also a security for your landlord. If you have decided that you would like to end your lease, you must consult your property manager who can advise you on your obligations. The best course of action is to notify your property manager as soon as possible of your intentions.